Monday, April 30, 2007


And so it Beings!! Welcome to a new Wife...okay an almost new wife! Me and my sweetheart of 7 months just got engaged on 25th of April. I am the future Mrs. Treavor Daylong! Life couldn't be better! We meet in the first of Oct at Subway where we were both working at the time and it was love at frist sight! We started dating on Oct 5 and have been happy ever since...excpet a few bumps and brusies. Hes tall, gorgerous, patient, kind and the love of mine... Our plans are to get married on August 18 and live in Canada and work and be in school and be in love!

"Oh, it is love from the fist time i set my eyes upon hers!" -hellogoodbye


Stephanie M. Larsen said...

Oh My Cute-ness! We need a close up on the Bling bling. Welcome to the "Wives Club"!

Keshia said...

Oh I am so happy for you! I love you soo much! And Treavor too! I love my new brother! YAYE!