Friday, September 10, 2010

eat your heart out martha stewart.

I COOKED. i know its basically a miracle but its turns out i kinda like it. i have been trying to cook alot lately.. i know this might not look like much but if you could taste it!! HOLY. so if you have any fun stuff for me to try send it over!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


grrr.. ok i have finally been guilted into posting again. i know im really bad at this game.. so big news... we are moving.... AGAIN!!! so far we have moved every year we have been married and its getting alittle old. this move in bitter sweet since i am moving away from my family but moving closer to treav's and some sweet friends.. but we will be in rexburgia again. its a good place i guess. and we get our own place again which is super nice. we are thankful to my parents letting us live here but there is something amazing about having your own place. its bliss. so back we go. should be a fun change. nothing much else is new with us.. life as usual. i am trying to figure out how to furnish our house for cheap so if any one has some good ideas.. or old house stuff im happy to be your charity. :) i think that moving this much should be illegal. i hope i have friends in idaho. i have been feeling sad about that lately.. so for all of you that live in idaho.. be my friend.. thanks! also i found out this week that my sister-in-law is preggers.. im so excited for her.. but really sad for me. we have been married for just about 3 years and i want a baby. i do. but i get to wait a few more years.. blah blah blah.. WAITING SUCKS.. so i in this post i have decided that moving and waiting suck... ta da

Monday, May 18, 2009

worst blogger ever!!!

oh my, okay i know im the worst blogger that ever was.. well heres the update on life. We are moving to Raymond in about 2 weeks! im so excited!!!!!! Treav is heaing to school which is awesome and hopefully i can get some classes in the semester. Treav is probably going to be doing Pharmacy and i want to be a hygienist! I have been working in the dental field for about a year and i love it! i just want to progress alittle more so im excited. We are going to living with my parents for a while and then we will transfer where ever we can both get in to continue school! maybe utah or edmonton. But if calgary gets their hygeine program but then we would LOVE to stay in calgary! so we will be home soon so all of you that live up there give is a call and we can hang out! Woot woot! good ol' southern alberta ya gotta love it.. we are probably going to freeze to death this winter but thats half the fun of moving random places all the time. hopefully we can stay put for 2 years since we seem to move every year it would be nice to stay still for a little while. Im super excited to be around the fam again and meegies wedding is this summer so it should be a blast! anways theres a quick update.. it will probably be a year till you get another... hopefully not!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the purse!

this is the new purse/wallet! isn't it cute! we went to this new store on sat called sam moon! and all it is is purses! and jewelry! its amazing! so for this little purse/wallet i only spent 30 big ones!! awesome! it is crazyness there and even on the door theres a sign that says "no strollers on sat" haha and theres cops at the door! but its tons of fun! i also got told today of 2 more stores that are suppose to be even better, even though its hard to imagine! but im going to have to check them out this weekend!! let me know if you want one and live in or near raymond and i can try and bring them home with us!!haha heres treavs feet in my toe thingys! hes such a good sport! 
and look how nice our faces look after our mud masks!! 

girls night!

ohh its been to long! here are some pics from a "girls" night that me and treav had! haha. hes the best girlfriend a girl could ask for! that day we went shopping.. i will post pics of the new purse and tell that story. and then we bought the first season of chuck and watched all of it that weekend!! i love that show. we have also decided that we should name a boy charlie! its just cute.. well i want to name a girl charlie.. but treav says no! okay now whats new with me. I got a job yay!! its at the dental office that i was interning at. they are a fun office and although every place has alittle drama its still fun! i get along with everyone really good. and me and this other assistant jessica especailly get along. we are all very sassy so as you can imagine i fit right in!! I graduated top of my class(woot woot)! i really like being a dental assistant but ill be excited to do hygiene too in a year!! umm what else. we are going to canada for christmas! (thanks mom and dad) im so excited to see all the fam and all that! the weather has cooled down here which is nice cuz im getting sick of sweating every time i walk outside!! anyways.. more in the next post!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

new hair!

so this is my new hair! love it. let me know what you think!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

ugh life...

update time! i know im a horrible blogger so usually it just ends up being this huge blog so here we go. okay number 1 point of interest we had to put our puppy down. sunday night she got really sick and started throwing up every where so we took her to the vet and they said that she had a nervous system problem and that its really hard for puppies to get over it. but we decided to give her a chance. So we brought her home but she just got worse. About an hour after we took her back and treav took her in and had her put down. i stayed in the car a cried. It was horrible. The next day i didn't go into work but now we are doing better. we both really miss her but its better for her now so thats that.
School is going really good. I have started interning at a dental office. I really like it. I have started assiting on my own which is really cool. They are all really nice. There is a male doctor and a female doctor. The guys name is Dr. V. Hes super nice and funny and sarcastic i really like him. The girl is Dr Noble. She is nice.. she really likes things her way and all of that. really intimating but i like her. They are hiring and they are acting like they want to hire me so i hope it all works out. I have been doing really good in school too! top of the class so im really happy about that.
Treav still likes work. they are all really getting along. BUT there is this guy that works there. His name is Juan. its like 40 not married and lives with his parents. He's from chili and doesnt talk really good english. he gets on treav's nerves really bad but he just deals with it. 
I got my hair cut.. again. its really cute. its just below my sholders and i like it way more.. my computer is not loading pics right now but i will post pics later. 
today i cut treavs hair by myself.. annoying.. i did a good enough job. treav had alot of suggestions but we got through it with all our limbs intact. 
We both had good birthdays. mostly just hanging out at home and all that. last night for treavs b-day we went to TGI fridays and to Hellboy. It was pretty fun. well thats all for now. we are hoping to get up to denver to see katherine(treav little sister) before she heads up to Rexburg. oh well apperantly it decided to load pics. above is some pics of our place and treavs new hair cut that i did! yay.. well that all for now! i'll try and update more often.